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Da’wah – Never lose hope December 16, 2008

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Surah Nuh and Surah Jinn

Conveying the truth day and night, secretly and openly, 950 years in the undertaking. Yet, the nation of Nuh (a.s.) did not believe, clutching on to their false deities. On the contrary, the Jinn – who heard the Qur’an for the first time from the Messenger of Allah – acknowledged the truth, accepted their faults, and embraced faith. There is a clear distinction between the attitude of the former and the latter. The nation of Nuh (a.s.) were obstructed from the truth by their arrogance, which caused them utter loss in this world and in the Hereafter. Whereas, we see the Jinn who humbled themselves to the truth, to the words of the Qur’an, and in turn scrutinized their false thoughts. Thus, this acceptance led them to return to their nation and convey to them the truth, that which saved them from what could have been a potential loss.

The patience of Nuh (as) is also worth a mention. Despite conveying for so many years, his nation did not even support him, let alone accept the message that he was sent with. In contrast, the Jinn at the time of the Prophet (s.a.w.) recognized the truth and the oneness of Allah instantaneously. The efforts that one puts in the way of Allah, if done with sincerity will never go to waste. Even if apparently the entire crowd rejects your call, mocks at your endeavors, jeers at your honesty, there may be one out of the many who has listened to what you had to say. The fruits of these efforts, if not seen in this life, would definitely be brought forth on that day when only a person’s good deeds would be his currency for salvation.

May Allah enable us to have patience as was the patience of Nuh (as) and give us the ability to spread the message of Allah in the best manner possible. Ameen


A Balanced Life December 12, 2008

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He [Nuh (a.s.] said. “O my people, Indeed I am to you a clear warner, [saying], ‘Worship Allah, fear Him and obey me’…” [Nuh: 3]


The heart is the focal point of a human body. And it is in the heart where Taqwa resides, which is displayed through good actions. The Prophet ﷺ said, “At-Taqwa Haahunaa [Taqwa is here]” pointing towards the heart. Similarly, if we imagine a balance, Taqwa would be its central part. And the two sides would be the practical manifestation of Taqwa – Worship of Allah and Obedience of the Messenger. Both these aspects go hand in hand and develop in a person the quality of Allah consciousness – Taqwa. It also brings about balance in a person’s life. Therefore, it is necessary for a person who opts for this quality to worship Allah the way He taught His servants in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and to follow the way of the Messenger ﷺ in the true sense.