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The Price of Jannah April 6, 2008

Posted by fruitsofknowledge in Reflections.
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I was thinking about the ayaat in surah at-Tawbah that how Allah (s.w.t.) repeatedly mentions about the striving in His way. What was it that made the believers go out at the battle of Tabuk in such extreme heat, marching a distance of over 700km, leaving behind their comfortable shades, the riped juicy dates ready to be harvested. And more over, the sahabas did not know whether they were going to make it back home alive or not, it was either martyrdom or victory. The willingness to sacrifice everything that they had in the way of Allah. And this was not just once but every time Allah and His Messenger (saw) called them towards striving. What was it that made Abdullah b. Umm Makhtoom yearn to leave his home to go in the way of Allah, despite the fact that he was blind, he could not see; what made Amr b. al Jamuh leap to defend the Deen of Allah, despite the fact that there he was handicap in one leg. They had genuine disabilities, yet they strove. Why? Because they realized that the price of Jannah is not cheap and the person would get the rank according to what he strove for. Why go for second best, when we can strive for the best with the tawfeeq of Allah. Allah has given every single person potential, it’s just the matter of finding it and using it.